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How Source CBD started… launching at NET Cancer Foundation’s event.

In May 2019 I was approached by NET Cancer Foundation to support a special “Community Day for Cancer patients and their families” which they were organising with sponsorship from Tesco. 

It was an honour to be asked to participate in and support the event and I was keen to lend my expertise where I could. I agreed to volunteer on the basis that the day would have a focus on Health and Wellness, with space for holistic therapies to be shared with the community. 

I also wanted to share what I knew about the benefits of Cannabis Sativa for people healing cancer. Despite being classed as a food by the World Health Organisation, and a growing body of evidence demonstrating that CBD and other Cannabis Sativa compounds are not only well tolerated by humans, but improve pain, anxiety and inflammation relief better than modern pharmaceuticals and without the side effects, I was (and still am!) amazed that Cannabis Sativa is not being discussed as a therapy by the General Medical Council and medical health professionals.

Previously I had been asked to be a Brand Ambassador for a well known CBD brand but after investigating, I decided to source and produce my own version, at a competitive price with guaranteed organic and healing qualities. 

Community Day 1Community Day 2

The community day took place on 28th September in Crowborough Community Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex. We were joined by MacMillan Cancer Support, Arty Time - playtime for kids, as well as holistic groups like the local School for Homeopathy, Your Hands Can heal Tera-Mai Reiki college, and Jayne Kearn, Wellness practitioner as well as Anthony from Enagic, an alkaline water company. 

Guests and volunteers had an enjoyable, healing and informative day, there was an exciting raffle with generous donations from local businesses and individuals and Source CBD was born. 

Jayne Kearn and Anthony Anthony presentation

I presented to the group on ‘CBD and the Endocannabinoid system” explaining how all vertebrates have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS) which is a network within our bodies; it is a sub-system within our central nervous, peripheral nervous, and immune system that maintains homeostasis, creating the ideal conditions for cells to perform optimally.  Our ECS naturally produces cannabinoids, passes messages to cannabinoid receptors and regulates a number of physiological and cognitive processes. These include, but are not limited to: sleep, inflammation, appetite, mood, pain sensation, and memory. Explaining how CBD, and other compounds in Source CBD, interact directly and indirectly with various receptors to produce it’s therapeutic effects.

CBD Presentation

We had a lively discussion about the benefits of CBD and how to take the wholsome food supplement. 

I also lead the group in a breathwork and meditation session where we grounded and released, taking the time to quiet our minds and feel into our bodies. Preparing your mind and body for healing can help any healing journey you are on.

Thank you to NET Cancer Foundation, Crowborough Community Centre, MacMillan Cancer Support, skills marketplace, Your hands can heal Tera-Mai Reiki Crowborough, Jayne Kearn, Anthony Enagic Kangen Water, and Just Simon Photography for capturing the day so wonderfully.

And all the guests who came and made the day such an enjoyable one.

Arty time Tera mai reiki

Source CBD will continue to support local community events and Heath & Wellness workshops as I look to help inform people about CBD and share information about the ancient healing herb. 

Please drop me a line if you have any questions or would like Source CBD to come to your workshop or event. 

Warmest wishes, 


Founder, Source CBD

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